Mike Epps Shuts Down Fan Who Accused Him of Being Homophobic

This meet and greet went all the way left.

By Jasmine Grant -

Mike Epps had a rather unfortunate encounter with a fan during a post-show meet and greet that has placed him in a viral controversy.

Norman Freeman, a rising social media personality, was in the audience of Epps' recent show at Improv Theater in NYC and claims he was the butt of Epps's jokes throughout the night because of his androgynous look. Freeman says he didn't take the comments personally because, as a comedian himself, he understood it was all in fun. That was until he approached Epps for a picture and was denied.

Moments later, Freeman posted an Instagram video of him stepping to the comedian as he took pictures with other fans. "Mike Epps, you got a little a-- d--k, you homophobe," Freeman shouts in his direction. When Mike approaches Norman to ask what the problem is, he continues to go off. "You're a homophobe. You wouldn't even take a picture with me because I'm gay. You even said it out your own face. But it's ok, cuz b-tch, I'm viral too."

Though the original interaction with Mike and this fan was not captured on film, Freeman can be seen getting into a shoving match with security and then getting ushered out.

That wasn't all. Freeman had a word for people who believed he was capitalizing on the moment to gain fame.

In an Instagram post, Mike Epps took a moment to clear his name, maintaining that he's never been homophobic ever in his 20-year career.

We hope this misunderstanding gets resolved soon.