Mally Mall Says a Hacker Leaked His Sex Tape but Nikki Baby's Not Buying It

"I'm having this investigated and taking the appropriate action as needed."

Mally Mall broke his silence regarding the sex tape that was leaked of him and on-again, off-again girlfriend Nikki Mudarris. The producer claims on Twitter that his email, iCloud, and social media accounts were hacked posting a series of Tweets to explain how the video got made public.

Not everyone's buying Mally's defense, namely Miss Nikki Baby herself who says that her ex has sold his soul to the devil and that he leaked the video (and recorded them) just to embarrass her.

Do you think Mally Mall was the victim of a hacker's games? Do you think Nikki's right and he did it just to hurt her? Either way, ish is real because Mally Mall can't even get an Uber to pick him up because of the hacking.

Are you Team Nikki or Team Mally?