ICYMI: Lyfe Jennings Broke Up With Karlie In The Most Savage Way Possible

And she still begs him to forgive her.

In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight clip, Lyfe Jennings pulls out a ring for Karlie Redd, but not for the reason you would think. He calls it a promise ring, the promise being that she'll never find anyone as good as him. Lyfe then proclaims, "you can keep this, but you can't keep me," and storms off. Ouch. Karlie chases after him and tries to defend herself, but Lyfe is convinced she's not serious enough about him to settle down. He originally bought the ring as a romantic gesture, but after hearing about Karlie's fling with Scrapp DeLeon, Lyfe had a hard time seeing her as wifey material.

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