Bonus Clip: Jeffrey Learns That His Father Found Out He Was Gay From Social Media

"My dad is the number one person I want to make most proud of me."

In this bonus clip from Love & Hip Hop Miami, we finally get to see a more personal side to Jeffrey outside of his love triangle with both Malik and Bobby. The Miami native pays a visit to his grandmother's house in order to catch up on old times. They flip through family photos and shoot the breeze before the conversation turns to a more serious topic.

All this time, Jeffrey has been thinking his grandmother outed him to his father, but that wasn't the case. His father had already been noticing flirty messages from guys on his social media pages and put two and two together. Though Jeffrey did come out to his father face-to-face, he says their relationship hasn't quite felt the same. He's starting to wonder if his dad feels ashamed, but grandma assures him that's not the case. "He's always been proud of you. Every time he comes, he wants to see his boy."

Awww...we'll take any excuse to see Jeffrey smile :)