This Week On 'Nashville': Girlfriend In A Coma!

Nashville won my heart from the very first episode. The blond bimbos, country twang, cheatin’ hearts, and amazing music keeps me coming back every time. Last season ended with a horrible car crash and we didn’t know if Rayna was going to SURVIVE!!!! This week’s premiere was a lot of exposition, but what do you expect from a first episode right??? There was a lot of action, drama and FIRE (literally and figuratively!) So hold onto your cowboy boots because these are the top ten moments from NASHVILLE you’d secede from the Union for!

YEE HAW!!!!!!

10. The doctors tell Rayna’s family that she might not remember them when she wakes up!!!!

9. Deacon is arrested and joins the cast of Orange is the New Black for a day.

8. Gunnar tries to get over Scarlett and his broken heart by trying to hook up with a hussy!

7. Juliette gets jealous that Rayna is in the hospital taking all the attention away from her, but then almost pays for Deacon’s one million dollar BAIL! I’m still not sure if she’s the devil or an angel!

6. Being in the closet is really starting to eat away at the closeted cowboy! Hey, it’s okay to come out! The clouds are washed away by the rainbows out of the closet too!!!

5. Rayna’s daughter lost her glasses from season 1 and is sad about it.

4. We start to learn about the beginnings of Rayna and Deacon’s relationship...and how it crashed and burned...

3. Avery sings a song about BIRDS at the Bluebird Café.

2. Gunnar and the closeted cowboy have a party and burn Scarlett’s couch - in perfect Hillbilly fashion.

1. Juliette makes a potential new employee go “downtown” to “file some paperwork.”

There you go! See you next week cowboys and cowgirls!