Someone Spray-Painted "Rat" on 'Mob Wives' Star Karen Gravano's Car and She's Convinced It Was Drita D'Avanzo

It could've been a Drita fan, maybe?

Karen Gravano's Mercedes got a new paint job last Wednesday, and by new paint job I mean it was vandalized, and she is holding former Mob Wives cast mate Drita D'Avanazo accountable.

In a video shared by TMZ, Karen's car was towed away after someone slashed the tires and spray-painted "RAT" on the side.

Karen tells TMZ that she is convinced the culprit is rival Drita and for good reason. She says,

I believe that it has to do with a beef starting from Mob Wives, about a year and a half ago, which had to do with Drita and her husband Lee [D'Avanzo]. Actually, I had seen Lee the other day in a diner and then I seen him circling around my house and then all of a sudden my car mysteriously gets vandalized. I heard through a couple of people that it was him. At this point, it's actually so petty and I wouldn't expect anything less from these clowns. This is what they do. They aren't relevant anymore. Mob Wives is over, it's done, to bring up something from a year and a half ago. If this was an issue, I seen him, he could've addressed it, like a man but you know this is how men, or not men deal with situations. It's so old at this point and, anyways, if they have an issue with my father they can deal directly with him.

Karen is adamant that the Mob Wives beef is dead, at least on her end, and she has since moved on from the Drita drama. She's working on some new projects and as far the vandalism goes, her camp has a plan to deal with the situation. You can watch the full video here.

If you remember, Mob Wives ended with Drita nearly taking Karen's top off at the final sit down of the hit show where she in fact calls Karen a "rat."

Drita's people allegedly had no comment to the events that took place. Hopefully the issue can be resolved peacefully, hella emphasis on "hopefully."

[UPDATE] Drita took to Instagram on 3/13 to refute the vandalism claims. Says Karen is "delusional."

She captioned,

Can u believe this sh&t?! First of all I truly feel sorry for this thirsty a-- delusional lonely old woman. It's funny how I recently posted about being back in your TV screens..created/exec producing my show and this just so happens to happen? I wouldn't be surprised if this has-been did this to her own car to be back in the spotlight & once again..using my name to do so. I'm a mom..running a business @ladybossbydrita & don't have time for this nonsense. Sad...I'm focused on moving in a positive direction..but negative people still trying to bring me down. This "BULL" S--t Artist needs to get a job instead of running out the ocean thinking she's Gisele Bundchen. I WOULD NOT WASTE MY TIME ON that #mobSlob or a good can of paint for that matter. " Vandalism is not my style...punching lying dumb b----s in the face is". Keep it moving girl..and let me live lol

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