People Freaked Out After Tina Knowles Lawson Posted a Pic of Solange and Jay Z in an Elevator Together

Can they live?

By Jasmine Washington

"Of course, sometimes sh-t goes down when there's a billion dollars on an elevator." #Facts

Tina Lawson unknowingly sparked one of the most hilarious and ironic social media posts of the week.

The doting wife and grandmother happily posted a picture of Jay Z, Solange and Solo's 12-year-old son Daniel Julez Smith Jr. The only problem is, the picture of the family of was snapped in an elevator and the irony of that shouldn't be lost on any of us. But if it is, here's a little reminder: Solange was captured on video physically attacking her brother-in-law while riding in an elevator after the 2014 Met Ball Gala.

The infamous elevator incident sparked a slew of debates about the truth behind their altercation and even found it's way into the lyrics of Beyoncé's "Flawless" remix and Jay Z's "All the Way Up," remix.

Mama Tina quickly deleted the photo, but she really didn't have to since it's really time that we all got over the situation. This is probably not the first elevator ride Hov and Solo have probably taken together since the incident and it won't be the last. People should probably get comfortable with seeing two grown adults moving past a crazy moment and doing everyday ish, like riding an elevator.