In The Case Of Baby Bonnie Bella, Steven Jordan, You ARE The Father (But Joseline Vows He Will Never See Her) In this 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Highlight

"I don't want him at all in Bonnie's life. He's going to cut a check and he is not going to see his daughter."

We all know by now that Stevie J is the father of baby Bonnie Bella but watching him find out in this clip is interesting to say the least especially because Joseline wants him nowhere near their daughter.

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In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight, Joseline is nervous before opening the results, even though she is confident that Stevie is the only man she's been laid up with. Tensions build up as Josline worries about the outcome, as does Steebie on the other side of town with his lawyer Ed Woods. Joseline's brother Kermie tries to calm her down and nerves are finally settled for both parties when the test shows that Stevie is 99.9% the father. The celebration ends early for Stevie when he realizes that he is not on the Puerto Rican princess' good side and he's right in that belief. Joseline is mad that Stevie put her through all of this knowing he is the father and doesn't want to deal with him for the rest of Bonnie's life. The baby isn't even here at this point and Joseline already has plans to put the good guy on child support.

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