Polkadots, Pleats, and Primary Colors: Mindy Kaling's Cutest Onscreen Looks

Mindy Kaling striped sweatshirt

Mindy grey cardigan green skirt1

Mindy Kaling yellow trenchcoat

Mindy Kaling fringed purse

Mindy Kaling houndstooth

Mindy Kaling cobalt blue dress

Mindy Kaling forest grey dress

Mindy Kaling doctor's jacket

Mindy Kaling star sweater

Mindy Kaling green snakeskin dress

We love The Mindy Project for several reasons. Dr. Mindy Lahiri (the madcap, romcom-loving OBGYN played by writer/producer Mindy Kaling) and her sparkly girly-girl personality is one of the most winning on network TV. Her "will they or won't they" romance with Dr. Castellano is adorable. And then there's her wardrobe.

Her wardrobe! She wafts through her office, subways, and her improbably huge Manhattan apartment (fine, she pulls in a doctor's salary, but still) in an explosion of bright solids, power prints, and sweater vests — lots of sweater vest. She dresses like a Crayola crayon crossed with a dalmatian, and it all works. In anticipation of tonight's season three premiere, let's take a look back at Dr. Lahiri's most fab looks on The Mindy Project.

See Kaling's Mindy Project co-star Adam Pally show off his Operation skills, below.

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[Photos: Fox]