This Week On 'SMASH': Jimmy Poops His Diaper!

Hello Smashies! Is Bombshell back on track? Does Karen have a soul? Did Sean Hayes touch boobies this week? Well, I’m here to answer, "Maybe" to all of the above. This week there seemed to be a lot of arguing, a lot of making-up and a lot of MAKING OUT! Here are the ten essentials on Smash you’ll want to choke down before dinner.

Let’s go!!

10. Karen and Jimmy rehearse for Hitlist while Ivy re-joins Bombshell as Marilyn.

9. There was a very blatant product mention from Tom at rehearsal for a famous New York City bakery; Balthazar. Why don’t you just get on your KNEES Smash?!

8. Mimi from RENT (Daphne Rubin-Vega) GUEST Stars as a power chick that’s always on her phone. Too bad we only saw her 2 out of 525,600 minutes this episode.


6. Sam comes back from the Book of Mormon tour; sings to everyone like Michael Buble and dances like Fred Astaire!

5. During the entire episode, they hinted at Karen and Jimmy hooking up together, then at the very last minute, Jimmy bursts into Karen’s apartment and they make out like inexperienced teenagers…..or a gay guy trying to kiss an asexual woman. You decide.

4. Karen’s roommate FINALLY had a musical solo and danced on the bar to impress Derek.

3. As the new director of Bombshell, Tom tries to get everyone to like him by giving out speaking roles.

2. A lot of male bonding happened. Tom and Derek bonded over DIRECTING and Derek and Jimmy tried to understand each other by talking back to back on blocks.


1. MUSICAL NUMBER!!!! Jimmy gets lifted; reluctantly.

See you next week!!!!!