Which of Their Co-Stars Should The 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Cast Date Based on Their Zodiac Signs?

The stars say these couples should be great matches based on their signs, but what do you think?

In this week's episode, the love part of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was turned all the way up, especially between Solo Lucci and Chanel West Coast.

They shared a cosmic connection (aka he told her that her little booty "was bite sized, like a little snickers or something") and it turns out, according to the stars, these two might be a match made in...the sky. According Chanel, they are pretty compatible because he's a Taurus and she's a Virgo and we got to see how well they hit things off when they went on their first date with their chaperones Nikki and Safaree.

All of this sign talk had us wondering what Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast members are compatible according to their signs and if we could even see them actually dating. Take the poll to see if stars could be aligned for these potential couples.

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