All the Reasons Donald Trump is the 50 Cent of Politics

It’s as ironic as it is hilarious.

They both hail from Queens, NY, are wildly outspoken and excessively wealthy. No wonder Donald Trump and 50 Cent are often compared as kindred spirits. Three months ago, we were all shrugging off Trump’s quest for presidency as a spoof. Now, Americans are astonished that Trump is being taken seriously as a candidate. The more obnoxious his antics, the clearer it becomes that Trump is basically the 50 Cent of politics. Like Fif, the Donald has created his fair share of frenemies in politics and is known to troll at obscene levels. The overlap between these two notorious figures goes as far as their inner circles. For every celebrity 50 has put on blast, Trump has an equivalent. We’ve put together a breakdown of Trump’s relationships in comparison to 50. It’s as ironic as it is hilarious.

Jeb Bush-Ja Rule

Since 2012, Jeb Bush was considered the GOP front runner. Unfortunately for Bush, Trump came on the scene and demolished pretty much all of Jeb’s credibility, much like 50 did to Ja Rule back in the early 2000’s. He punished Jeb with so many insults and attacks; there are now Republicans who won’t even admit to once being a Jeb stan.

Mitt Romney-Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It wasn’t too long ago that the filthy rich businessmen used to be a political version of The Money Team. However, Mitt Romney switching it up on Trump closely resembles how 50 Cent detached himself from Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team. Trump was an open supporter of Romney when he was gunning for office back in 2012. Now that it’s Trump’s turn, Mitt has sharply criticized Trump’s ability to lead the free world calling, the real estate tycoon everything from a fraud to a phony. "I backed Mitt Romney," Trump reminded an audience at a rally in Maine. "You can see how loyal he is, he was begging for my endorsement."

Marco Rubio-Meek Mill

Trump has been relentless in his slander of Marco Rubio, who just keeps taking L’s. But Rubio took the feud to new levels of petty by coming at Trump’s hand size…or lack thereof. He also called Trump, “the most vulgar person to ever aspire to the presidency.” So you know Trump went to a whole another level of attack like 50 did to Meek during their back and forth in January. Just taking a guess - Rubio will probably surrender to Trump in the end like Meek did to 50.

Megyn Kelly-Shaniqua Tompkins

Behind every great man is a woman that knows how to push his buttons. 50 Cent’s BM Shaniqua Tompkins has been hitting him where it hurts for years, exposing various secrets (like the fact that he allegedly didn’t really get shot 9 times). Equally, Megyn Kelly has gotten under Trump’s skin by putting him in the hot seat during the Republican debates. Donald, of course, exercised zero chill by suggesting the journalist was menstruating during the debates. “I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism, so I’ll continue doing my job without fear or favor,” Kelly told viewers of her show The Kelly File.

FOX News-Interscope Records

Like 50, Trump has a love-hate relationship with the entity that helped build him up. Following the childish feud with FOX anchor Megyn Kelly, Trump decided to skip an early-February debate in New Hampshire. Trump has consistently put Fox News in an awkward position, which is quite problematic considering it’s the network that's largely responsible for catapulting Donald’s success in this race. But the Donald makes it clear that he, not FOX, runs the show ‘round here. “They can’t toy with me like they do with anybody else,” Trump says in a press conference. “Let’s see how they do with the ratings.”

Barack Obama-Rick Ross

Though the POTUS seems to be thoroughly entertained by every diss the Donald has thrown his way, we can’t help but liken his issue with Obama to 50’s ongoing beef with Rick Ross. 50 Cent shattered Rozay’s gangster image by exposing his past life as a correctional officer. The Donald hoped to have the same affect by stirring up a conspiracy that President Obama wasn’t a natural-born citizen, but was left with egg on his face after the POTUS issued him smooth GTFOH with a copy of his birth certificate.

Ted Cruz-The Game

Out of all of 50 Cent’s feuds, we thought he finally met his match in The Game, a rapper just as street who is willing to fight just as dirty. This mirrors exactly Trumps battle with Ted Cruz – perhaps his ugliest and most personal political battle. Trump and Cruz were once on good terms, but things went off track and the attacks started. Now much like Game and his G-Unit campaign, Cruz is looked at by anti-Trump supporters like the one person who might succeed in ending Trump’s reign.

Chris Christie-Young Buck

Friends turned enemies turned…compadres? Both titles apply to 50 /Young Buck and Trump’s new-found backing from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Trump and Christie were once going head to head during Christie’s short-lived run in the 2016 presidential campaign. Now, Christie is standing firmly behind Trump, and based on those weird facial expressions made at this conference, Trump is controlling the leash just like 50 did after bailing Young Buck out of debt.

Hillary Clinton-Diddy

Whether it’s vodka sales or a presidential election, the willingness to win can turn best friends to enemies real quick. Back in 2005, Bill and Hillary Clinton were VIP guests at Donald and Melania Trump’s wedding. According to PEOPLE, the billionaire has donated at least $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation and made a few cash donations to Hillary’s political campaigns (not this one, of course). Hillary assures us that even though she was chummy and posed for a few flicks,“We were not friends.”