The Flawless Jewels Of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian + More Will Make You Go Blind

Flo Rida performs on NBC's 'Today Show' in New York City with his Jesus piece

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Angelina Jolie's engagement ring from Brad Pitt

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Mariah Carey's birthday present from Nick Cannon

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Kate Middleton's engagement ring

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Jay Z's Richard Mille Tourbillon watch

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Anna Kournikova pink ring

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Lil Jon's chain

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Beyonce's engagement ring

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Kim Kardashian's engagement ring

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Jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz

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Shield your eyes! Bright bling, straight ahead! Every outfit needs a little shine, and when your bank account has a hefty amount of zeroes — the good kind — bigger jewelry is always better.

Celebrities know that engagement rings and wedding bands aren't the only reason to shop for finely cut stones. And when it comes to purchasing some show-stopping accessories, the Galleria of Jewelry just isn't going to cut it. (Sorry, Jared.)

Cartier, Richard Mille Tourbillon, Lorraine Schwartz — these are the names of the designers whose sparklers stars like BeyonceJay Z and Kim Kardashian snatch up like bottles of green juice after a rigorous Soul Cycle class. Red carpets are considered the place to wear millions of dollars in jewels, but there's a difference between celebs who borrow and celebs who own their bling. We're counting down our favorite 10 pieces of celebrity-owned jewelry, including the outrageous, the heavy and the shimmering rocks that take our breath away. We just hope their very expensive homes have a very reliable safe.

Check out our list of the most baller celebrity bling, and remind yourself just how fabulous the lives of your favorite stars truly are, by watching the video below.

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