'Scream Queens' Easter Eggs That Will Make You Feel Like an Idiot Hooker

Here's what's good with Chanel No. 2's death scene and more.

Scream Queens references A LOT of things—mainly iconic horror films, but have you been quick enough this season to catch the hidden Easter eggs?

In case you idiot hookers need a refresher, we put together a list of Scream Queens' Easter eggs so that you can stop trolling Reddit and get back to fantasizing about Grace's hot dad. We're serving you a trente no-foam, half-calf truth tea of hidden references, and it's coming at you at a piping hot 210 degrees.

From that Serial joke that definitely flew over your head to the Backstreet Boys fight scene that ultimately references a 1962 book, here are some SQ Easter eggs you might not have picked up on the first time around.

Chanel No. 3's earmuffs pay tribute to Princess Leia

Chanel No. 3 revealed in "Seven Minutes in Hell" that she started wearing earmuffs as a precautionary measure after a crazy ex-boyfriend tried to cut off her ears post-breakup. But is there another reason why Billie Lourd (Chanel No. 3) wears 'muffs on the show? Many seem to think that her earmuffs are a clever way of paying tribute to Princess Leia, Billie's IRL mom Carrie Fisher.

Chanel No. 2's death scene is like Casey Becker's in Scream

Ariana Grande's (Chanel No. 2) death scene in SQ mirrors Drew Barrymore's (Casey Becker) in Scream, but with an added touch of modern day technology. She's stabbed in the chest by the main killer. She musters up the strength to kick him away. She's so close to reaching help (in Ari's case, tweeting about her death), and yet, she dies anyway.

The long list of Heathers references

The Heathers references are alive and well in SQ. As in Heathers, SQ's Kappa Kappa Tau sorority sisters share the same name. "Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)," Heathers' opening song, plays in the background while Hester goes through Chanel's closet. Deaf Taylor Swift's death scene alludes heavily to the Heathers' opener where Veronica's head appears as one of the croquet balls. Speaking of croquet, when Grace goes down to the depths of the KKT house for the very first time, what's right next to her? A croquet set.

The nod to Motel Hell

Deaf Taylor Swift's death scene is more likely than not a reference to Heathers, but it also seems to be a nod to the feeding heads scene from 1980 comedy/horror Motel Hell. Do you spot the similarities?

The Backstreet Boys fight scene that pays homage to A Clockwork Orange

One of the best musical moments—if not the best—from the show is the Backstreet Boys fight scene. Chad Radwell and the Dickie Dollar Scholars come out swinging baseball bats, dressed head to toe in white as "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" plays in the background. But is the all white look and boy group actually a reference to this scene from the film version of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange?

Jamie Lee Curtis' shower scene is a salute to her mom's famous one

Jamie Lee Curtis' shower scene is most definitely a tribute to her mother, Janet Leigh, and her infamous shower scene from Psycho. Jamie Lee's occurs in the aptly titled episode "Mommie Dearest." Unlike her mom, Jamie avoids being stabbed, yelling "I saw that movie fifty times!" at the Red Devil afterwards.

The Serial Easter egg

“Name one bad thing that ever happened at a Best Buy parking lot,” Shondell says to Denise while the two are parked outside of the KKT house. SQ called out this reference to popular podcast Serial on Twitter. In Serial, a Best Buy parking lot plays a major role in whether or not main subject Adnan Syed is guilty of murder.

Did American Horror Story hint at Scream Queens before it was fully fleshed?

In American Horror Story: Coven, Jessica Lange's character carries around a tote bag that has a red devil on it. As points out, it was during this particular season of AHS that Ryan Murphy began work on SQ. Was he possibly dropping red devil hints in AHS before SQ even premiered?