Exit Interview: Drew Elliott Talks to the Most Divisive Contestant About Her Elimination (and Her Reputation with the Ladies)

Every week we say that the competition is getting closer to getting to that titular Top Model but now we are actually down to the top three. Unfortunately, that also means that another aspiring model had to pack her bags.

This week panelist Drew Elliott sat down with the eliminated contestant, who also happens to be the most controversial model from this season. The two discuss her departure, her infamous reputation among the other ladies, and her future.

Courtney Nelson opened up to Drew about not being the villain of the house and being misunderstood by her fellow housemates, namely Marissa and Tash and Cody. The model with the iconic eyebrows revealed that coming off a fresh breakup, and being on-camera 24/7, created for an interesting dynamic during filming but ultimately felt that her co-stars got to know her “quirkiness.” Courtney also opened up about revealing her health troubles and her strained relationship with her family on national TV. Are you here for “explanations” or nah?

You can watch Courtney’s departure again in the highlight below.

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