Yung Joc is Wondering Why Karlie is All Up in Jasmine and Kirk’s Secret Baby Business in this Week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

"Joc, you do not work for the Karlie Redd Inspector Company. Take yo' a--- home!"

Karlie Redd knows her a— is nosy, she even admits in this weeks Check Yourself, but she’s going to need Joc to learn how to mind his business. Joc is shaking his head at his girl, because she just had to meet up with Jasmine to find out about this secret baby. These texts look legit if you ask us.

Kind of hypocritical though seeing as Joc met up with Jasmine’s boyfriend who also happens to be Mimi’s ex, Rod (not to be mistaken with the hero of Get Out). After meeting with him, Joc is convinced that Kirk is 99.9% maybe the father of Jasmine’s love child. Karlie is just sick that not only do these men cheat, but they throw around the “L word” like it’s going out of style.

Momma Dee has no regrets in checking her momma-in-law. As far as she’s concerned, Ernest’s mother is the caboose of whatever engine Momma Dee is running. The two are clashing and the queen is tired of someone else taking care of her king, even though that someone else is his own mother.

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