Can We Just Take A Moment To Appreciate Ryan Henry of Black Ink Crew: Chicago and These Throwback Pics of His Hair?

"My hair been like this. ain't no Perm bihhhhh."

Now, we all know Ryan of Black Ink Crew: Chicago is foine, (honey he is two snaps and a circle), but after seeing these throwback photos of him, he just got that much sexier. Calmate ladies, according to his IG he is off the market after rekindling old flames with his high school sweetheart, Rachel, but it never hurt to look, right? From time-to-time Ryan gets nostalgic on the ’gram about periods in life where he had some long, full, and healthy tresses, like this photo from over a year ago.
Or this picture montage from a couple years ago.
“Hair… Before Kids… Before God.. ?? .. Praise the Lord for growth ???”

Even his beard is on fleek, ain’t no struggle growth over here #BeardGang
And if you’re wondering what nationality Ryan is, he let’s you all know the root of his roots in his most recent sharing of these pictures.
He captioned,

Since y’all act like you’ve never seen a mixed n—a before my Homie Joc permed his hair,lol here is my Daddy, he is Half Japanese. And an old pic of me with hair, My hair been like this. ain’t no Perm bihhhhh

Can someone get him a sponsorship with Carol’s Daughter, because we all know natural is definitely in and Ryan has the blueprint. Clearly now he rocks the low cut but we see you Mr. Easy Breezy!

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