Wait. A. Minute. Are Cyn Santana and Joe Budden Dating? The Internet Is In Shambles

K, but they are kinda a good-looking couple tho.

Have rapper Joe Budden and Cyn Santana coupled up? The two former stars of Love & Hip Hop have been awfully comfortable, and the blogs have been watching.

About three weeks ago, Cyn posted a photo of her with Joey B sitting by the pool that got people talking. Cyn wrote, "When the vibes are good, the times are fun @JoeBudden."

Then the two were spotted on together at Six Flags amusement park.

Aiight, so it looks like a date, but then there was a series of Tweets, where the two were flirting like youngens.

Then Cyn posted a picture of her and Joe last night of Joe's face nuzzled into her neck. I mean, they actually look adorable.

Basically, the internet is dying. There are two camps, people who think Cyn can do much better than Joe and people who think Joe is the man for snagging a beauty like sometimes comedian, sometimes rapper Cyn.

So, then this is a thing? Are they going to appear on Love & Hip Hop together? No word yet from any of their exes: Erica Mena, Kaylin Garcia, or Tahiry Jose.

In this moment from Couples Therapy, Kaylin opened up about Joe being in love with both her and Tahiry.