Sneak Peek: Cisco Rosado Reveals The One Thing About Himself That He’s Never Shown Another Woman To Teairra Mari

Cisco has gotten so close to Teairra that he's ready to meet her friends and divulge his secrets.

The creep squad won’t be feeling this. Cisco Risado is ready to retire his creep ways to prove to Teairra Mari just how serious he is about their relationship.

In the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek, Teairra is smitten over Cisco. Back in New York, Cisco and Titi had a great time together, so naturally Teairra is hoping their relationship holds up in LA. All of that pillow talk has Teairra feeling butterflies and she’s thinking Cisco is the one. The feeling is type mutual as Cisco explains he’s falling for Teairra too. Back in the day, Cisco needed a serious spinal surgery as a result from a stabbing. He rarely opens up about his personal business but something about Teairra has him feeling vulnerable. Seeing as how the two are on the same page, Teairra asks Cisco to meet her sisters from different misters. He’s apprehensive at first because Teairra definitely got into it with her “sisters” recently, but he loves her too much to say no.

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