The Basketball Wives Season Finale Had People Spilling the Tea All Over Twitter

Welcome to the Basketball Wives tea party!

From allegations of footsie under the table to real talk about friends getting involved in family matters, last night’s season finale of Basketball Wives did not disappoint. Naturally, Twitter was abuzz because none of us could wait to see the moment when Jackie and Evelyn would talk face-to-face about Jackie’s daughter Ta’kari Lee. The ladies all met for their final group dinner, and though it certainly was dramatic, it was much tamer than we could have imagined.

Some people were just hoping that everyone would mind their business:

While others were hoping for some hands to be thrown:

Evelyn needed to clear the air about her alleged game of footsie with Jackie:

While Shaunie, who decided that she was “completely done with Jackie Christie”, wanted to make sure that the fans understood where she stood.

Although, if we’re honest, we’re not so sure where Shaunie’s loyalties lie.

Also confused? Jackie Christie:

The friendships and new alliances on the show do tend to shift to the point that they can give you whiplash:

Tami also dropped some truth on us:

But this drama is starting to get to the Twitter-verse, which is pretty much divided when it comes to who and what they believe.

It’s all enough to make your head spin! Next week’s reunion is about to be crazy. Tune in on Monday at 9/8C!

Outside of the restaurant Shaunie and Jackie get into another argument that causes the women to question their friendship.

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