Masika Doesn’t Understand Why Alexis is So Concerned About Her Pums, Says Miss Skyy Needs a New Vag of Her Own

"... and a new wig apparently."

“It’s an obsession and I understand if I weren’t me I’d probably want to be me too,” is basically what Masika thinks about Alexis Skyy and can’t help but roll her eyes at this new tea.

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip, Misster Ray(chel) links up with his girl Masika for some spa time and some gossip. He tells Khari Barbie’s mommy all about the his last run-in with Alexis Skyy featuring her green contacts and glittery finger waves. Normally Masika does not speak on people who don’t exist to her but she realizes things are going too far when she learns Alexis try to put hands on Ray. The social media war between Ray and Alexis was triggering but Masika can care less about the girl. She doesn’t know why Alexis is so concerned with her pums anyway, when she apparently needs a new vagina of her own.

Ray invites Masika to his PR launch but she is booked and busy. Zell isn’t allowed and Misster Ray doesn’t understand why Masika is even friends with him. If you peep Instagram, Zell has been real buddy-buddy with Alexis lately knowing the beef with Masika. If that ain’t shady, chile.

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