15 Crazy Moments From The Emmys That We’re Still Talking About

From history being made to that Sean Spicer moment, here's everything you need to know about last night's Emmys

The Emmy Awards aren’t called television’s biggest night for nothing! This year’s Emmys, hosted by our fearless leader, Stephen Colbert, were full of surprise guests (ahem, Sean Spicer, we’re lookin’ at you), historical wins, and memorable moments. If you couldn’t make it past 9:30pm to watch the awards, I don’t blame you. It’s Sunday, and you’re an adult with a bedtime, dammit. Plus, call me a narcissist, but if it’s not me accepting an award, I’m not trying to sit through hours of other people thanking a bunch of people I don’t know. That is, unless I know that they forgot to thank their husbands and will get into a big fight with them on the limo ride home.

So, out of the kindness of my heart, I’ve put together all of the big moments that you’ll need today at work to keep up casual conversation with Karen in HR.

Now that the Emmys are behind us, get ready for VH1’s Hip Hop Honor’s: The ’90s Game Changers which airs tonight at 9/8C. Tune in tonight and catch the throwback moments for yourself!

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