Holy Thighs! Did Y’all See Lyrica Anderson’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Dress?

All eyes were on her!

A1, sir, you are a blessed man because your lady was looking like everything at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion. Forget a snack, issa full course meal!

The ladies of Hollywood did not come to play. Everyone’s ’fits were tight, right, and flat out on point. Masika came through in a nice fitted pants suit, accentuating all the right places. Princess was elegance personified with a partially see-through gown. Brooke gave us gracefulness with her tight red sequin dress blessing us with some modest cleavage. However, we couldn’t help but take notice to Lyrica’s risque garb showing off some major leg and then some. She was feeling the camera as much as the lens was feeling her, mmkay? See how Lyrica slayed for yourself!

OKAY, sis! Another pic real quick!

Nice, nice. Switch up the pose!

Yass! Show off that bumper!

Come through Brazilian!

No face, no case!

Serve, sis, serve!

Photos by Rowena Husbands

She came. She served. She conquered. Good on you, Lyrica. Good on you. Don’t miss part two of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, next Monday at 8/7c!

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