Sneak Peek: Misster Ray Says Masika and Zell’s Diss-Track is Worse Than Any Music Hazel-E Has Ever Put Out

"This sounds worse than Hazel-E's music."

Alexis Skyy and Zell Swag’s diss track is cute and all, but it’s not as terrible as any of Hazel’s music, according to Misster Ray.

In the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak, Masika and Ray pull up to Moniece’s showcase to show support. Now that she and AD have called it quits, Moniece has been sangin’ but is still hoping things can be worked out, despite the fact Alexis Skyy was all over Momo’s girl. One person things can never be worked out with is Hazel-E, mainly because she’s been taking to social media to make false accusations about Masika’s parenting. Calling Masika a “deadbeat” and a “porn star” is where she crosses the line but Miss Kalysha is booked and busy with an upcoming performance.

When hearing the song, Misster Ray, Maiska, and Moniece are wondering which Casio machine they used to record the track. The song won’t chart on any list, says Moniece, and she asks Masika to leave the revenge in her hands.

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