Who The Hell Is Donatella From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

She's the cutest lil' dahling from across the pond!

We’ve seen this swaggy young business woman help Zell Swag understand the difference between business and pleasure. She even offered Hazel free advice in stitching down her wig a bit better in the rehearsal where Masika tries to snatch it off. Who is this beautiful busy bee with the sweetest accent? Her name is Donatella Panayiotou and she’s been working this industry for years.

Donatella got her start in the grime music scene in London and quickly made a name for herself as a TV presenter there. Donatella went on to have a viral Youtube page with millions of viewers and became the host of the Grime Daily TV show. From there she went on to host MTV UK’s The Wrap-Up and has since started working with American musicians like Jeremih. Get to know Donatella a little bit. She holds weight in London and the U.S. Zell, you can’t shut her up this time ’round.


There you have it, Zell better act like he knows!

In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood highlight, Zell gets into it with Masika for having Donatella pull him out of his styling gig.

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