Poll: Did Hazel Cross the Line by Talking About Masika’s Daughter?

Aren't kids supposed to be off limits?

Hazel and Masika will never be friends and at this point everyone knows it. All season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, they’ve been battling back and forth from Hazel’s Girl Code event to little jabs happening on social media after new episodes air.

But this week, things got real during the rehearsal for Donatella’s showcase when Masika ran up on Hazel…and Hazel caught that fade.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

The fight happened as soon as Hazel walked in, which probably made you stop and question if you missed something that Hazel said specifically in this episode to get Masika that pissed so quickly. As the two women were being pulled apart, Masika screamed out that she was tired of Hazel talking about her daughter, Khari Barbie.
It’s a known fact that a big trigger for a lot of the women on this show is someone talking about their child and it’s been clarified many times that children should be off limits. After seeing this post and the fight do you feel like Hazel crossed a line?

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