Martha & Snoop Teach You the Only Recipes You Need to Know to Throw a Birthday Party That’s Lit AF

Go shawty, it's your birthday, you're gonna make these recipes like it's your birthday.

It’s a birthday party fo’ shizzle, and Martha and Snoop know just how to get the party started. Since they’re not new to the game, they know there’s only one way to celebrate, and that’s with booze–Lots of booze. Lookin’ to get turnt? Maybe it’s your turn to try some of Martha’s white sangria…

But don’t drink too much of that sangria before you try to make Martha’s paella. It’s not exactly a recipe for a rookie chef, but it definitely has its upsides. It’s delicious, only requires one paella pan (which means easy clean up) and it feeds 25 people. It’s perfect for a party! Just tell your guests that the squid is really potato like Martha told Snoop. No need to frighten the picky eaters at your party!

But if you’re not into making a steaming bowl of paella, why not try your hand at Snoop’s pork chop recipe fitting of the Doggfather himself? We promise they’ll be extra crispy, delicious, and a total hit.

Make sure you tune in to Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party tonight at 10/9c for insider tips from Martha and Snoop!

Get ready to celebrate Martha & Snoop style, y’all! Just make sure that you invite Patti LaBelle!

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