Sneak Peek: Keyshia Cole is Game to Kiss Marcus Black in an Effort to Make Things Even with Brooke and Booby

"If I'm kissing someone like that then......"

Since Brooke and Booby have been running around with one another all season, Keyshia has no problem joking about making out with Marcus, you know, to settle the score and whatnot.

In the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood sneak peek, a spiritual Brooke Valentine reveals that, as a devout Christian practicing celibacy, she is not taking her panties off for anyone. Marcus confirms that to be true and host Nina Parker asks Brooke to elaborate on the real nature of her relationship with Booby. The two may have shared a passionate kiss but that’s all it was. They have a friendly history with one another as difficult as that is to believe. As Brooke tries to play it down as a “school kiss” Keyshia Cole immediately calls bulls—t because friends don’t kiss like that. In an effort to make things even, A1 proposes that Keyshia lay one on Marcus. This R&B singer jokes that she is here for some mouth-to-mouth with Marcus. No harm in trying right?

Booby doesn’t look into that idea.

But Safaree is so excited.

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