Safaree Responds to Seeing Himself On a Billboard in the Most Safaree Way

We're just as excited as Safaree is for the premiere of Scared Famous.

If you ever need a hype man, Safaree is most definitely your guy. Don’t believe us? Look at how he responded to seeing his own face on a billboard promoting the new show Scared Famous.
No shade, no tea, anyone would be elated to seeing themselves on a real life advertisement. Like the way Alaska Thunderf**k reacted to seeing the same ad.
However, fresh back in New York, and wearing a bright red fur, Safaree is just extra with it.
The screaming, the cameraman switch off, the poses — all of it is just so Safaree. He’s really excited, unlike the stranger who walks by unphazed that a man in a full length fur is screaming at a bus stop, because this is just what people do in New York.

Don’t miss the premiere of Scared Famous Monday October 23 at 9/8c.

Excited for Scared Famous to start? Well you can watch the first five minutes of the series premiere and see Safaree’s over the top outfit choice when he arrives at the house.

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