None of the Judges on the German Version of The Voice Recognized Rita Ora When She Performed Her Own Song

Hands down, one of best blind auditions in the history of The Voice.

Auditions on The Voice are simple: a usually semi-nervous singer performs a well-known to the backs of four judges, who have the option to swivel around if they like what they hear and plead for the singer to work with them. From the jump, this audition on the German version of the series was different, because singer Rita Ora was pretending to be a contestant and none of the judges knew it was her. First of all, Rita Ora is legit famous. Second, she’s a LEGIT professional so she sang with ALL the confidence. Third, she chose a song that peaked on the official German charts at number 13. Oh yeah, and it’s also a song on her own album that Ed Sheeran wrote.

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