Poll: Was Yandy Wrong For Trying to Sabotage A Date While Miss Judy Was Trying To Get Her Groove Back?

"BLACKMAIL. IS. NOT. IN. MY. NATURE! But oh, I'll do it!"

Mendeecees’ mama, Miss Judy has been busy all season of Love & Hip Hop. With her son gone, she has more spare time on her hands and to spend it stalking checking up on her daughter-in-law, Yandy. Yandy’s has had enough and finally decided to give Judy a taste of her own always-in-someone’s-business medicine.

We aren’t sure when Judy got a man or where she found him, but Rob knows how to treat her right. Fancy room, private restaurant, and a bottle of bubbly are all signs that the date is going well…however an uninvited guest that pops up recording the date, is not.

Before Yandy can get comfortable and sit down to crash the date, she starts blowing up Judy’s spot by spilling all the tea by revealing to Rob, and the rest of us, Judy has a husband. Judy informs Yandy, and the rest of us, that she’s been separated for six years. But nevertheless, Yandy had questions and she persisted. How old is Rob? Does he know about Judy’s 40-year-old son? Has Rob “filled out a visiting form to meet Mendeecees yet?” FACE. PALM. Rob’s not bothered one bit by Yandy’s interrogation and he gets up to feed his lady an oyster while Yandy gags with the rest of us. This was undeniably messy but we want to know, do you think

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