Jonathan Breaks Down Remembering The Time His Mother Forced Him Into Gay Conversion Therapy in the Love & Hip Hop Sneak Peek

"My mom did what she thought best. She sent me away to be converted."

Imagine being a ten-year-old boy alone and away from your family, strapped down for hours at a time while being told you aren’t who you feel you are. Sounds horrible right? Unfortunately this was a reality for a young Jonathan.

In the Love & Hip Hop sneak peek, Jonathan vents to his sister Jasmine on something that weighs heavily on him. He can’t help but think back about the time his mother sent him away to the Dominican Republic for gay conversion therapy. Catholicism is taken very seriously for this Latino family, and at the time Jonathan says his mother felt she had no choice but to have him converted. It went far beyond hormone injections, he was basically tortured for his feelings. He was a happy child, but this experience has scarred him for life. Tired of seeing her son bullied, his mother’s intentions were misguided but pure, but Jonathan hasn’t been able to forgive her for putting him through that. Over the years, his relationship with his mother has been tainted which is why it’s necessary for him to express to her how it got that way.

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