It’s Extremely Clear That Anais and Yandy Do Not Like One Another At All in the Love & Hip Hop Sneak Peek

"I don't know no Anais well enough to trust her."

Yandy thinks Anais is extra. Anais thinks Yandy is stealing her best friend. These two women are about to head out of the country together and Jesus need be an Advil ’cause chile, the tension is real.

In the Love & Hip Hop sneak peek, Anais realizes she needs a break. After linking with Jonathan, Anais meets the women closest to him she’s heard so much about, Yandy and Juju. The shade is on site when Anais accuses Yandy of stealing Jonathan to which the entrepreneur responds, “We’re sharing a best friend, do we get that understanding?” Now that that’s understood, they discuss their upcoming missionary trip, and Anais wants to help give back. From past stories Jonathan told about Anais, Yandy isn’t too sure about bringing her along, because after all, “this is about the people.” No worries though, Anais promises to be on her best behavior, as long as Anais keeps the snide comments and shade to a minimum.

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