I Find It Really Hard To Believe That Your Mom’s Missing: Sky Suggests Bae Is Lying In The Black Ink Crew Sneak

"Something's not adding up."

Most of the Black Ink Crew cast flew to South Korea to support Young Bae in her search to find her missing mother, but in this week’s sneak peek, Sky reveals that she thinks the entire thing is based on a lie.

While eating brunch, Bae joins the group and reveals to everyone that she’s pregnant. (Donna and Ted already knew that, but the news comes as a shock to everyone else.) Sky is not only surprised, but wary that so many huge things could be happening at one time to Bae. “I feel bad for saying this but I find it really hard to believe that your mom’s missing first, now you’re pregnant, and we haven’t met anyone from your life… Something’s not adding up.”

Something tells us Bae will not react well when she hears Sky’s opinion of the situation. Tune in to an all-new Black Ink Crew when it returns on February 21 at 9/8c.