Can This Car Prevent Malik and Bobby Lytes From Fighting Each Other Over Jeffrey in the Love & Hip Hop Miami Sneak Peek?

"Bobby is the one thing standing in the way of my happiness with Jeffrey."

A wise woman named Nivea once said, “don’t mess with my man ’cause I’ma be the one to bring it to you,” and let’s just say Malik took that to heart.

In this sneak peek to Love & Hip Hop Miami, Malik is ready to have a calm conversation, but Bobby Lytes is on turn up time. Jeffrey tries to get his boyfriend Malik away from Bobby but it’s important to Malik that he address him. “Bobby is the one thing standing in the way of my happiness with Jeffrey,” he explains. From jump, Bobby says he’s been waiting for Malik to speak to him. After being told the two never had anything special, Bobby gets petty saying “he showed up [to my single release party.] He went out his way to be there,” with all sass attached. According to Malik, that’s fake news. The two get into a screaming match about throwing hands on one another and Jeffrey is staring at them stuck.

Jeffrey has two guys fighting over him. He must have that Saf….nevermind. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Miami, next Monday at 9/8c!

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