Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Tiarra Drags Her Ex (aka Malaysia Pargo‘s New Man) All Over Her Instagram Story Over $25,000

An unpaid $25,000 debt would probably make anyone upset.

So I’ve never had $25,000 to loan someone (or to just have for myself) but apparently mo’ money really does mean mo problems. Tiarra (aka Tia Becca) from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is currently having some major beef over 25,000 United States Dollars that’s owed to her by her ex-husband, Bryant B Moe Shaw. The same man that she gushed about at the season six reunion is now public enemy number one. So she’s blowing up his spot on her IG stories and tagging his new girlfriend…none other than Basketball Wives’s Malaysia Pargo.


“Hey @Malaysiainthecity I know you dating Bryant B Moe Shaw that cute and all him coming to LA to kick it with you and your kids but he just called me Monday with promise To pay (on bills he owe me) telling me he gonna be a couple days late…I’d hate to think he was in LA tricking off when he won’t even pay me the $25,000.00 he owe me or the bill money he owe me.”


She continued,

“and he got Trich girl…so go get checked..another chick came at me with it! (I’m clean though) @malaysiainthecity Now run me my [stuff] before I really embarrass you. You know I know your d–k dirty and You won’t even go to the doctor! how dare you call me to tell me you gone be late on my money but you tricking in LA @mancave_nyc_atl.”


So on top of saying that he owes her this money, doesn’t take care of his kids, has an STD, and that she terminated a pregnancy, Tiarra was far from over. She posted 14 other Instagram stories going on about how she felt. As a single mom, Tiarra is taking this so personally because she needs that money for her kids (and because it’s over $25,000).


“F–k y’all I ain’t deleting s–t anyone who can owe me that amount of money and not set face straight is saying f–k me and my kids…so f–k you and yours too…”

After she was done ripping him a new one and tagging Malaysia in her IG stories, she took her IG to clear up that she only tagged Malaysia because she wanted Malaysia to get Bryant to get his life together.
“Never in anyway did I inted to speak negatively about Malaysia. I always have and still think is Bomb and beautiful. I wish them the best…. I apologize to h er and her children. She has nothing to do with that mans tab.”

Chileeeeeee. Let this serve as a reminder, that if you owe Tiarra anything (like even $5 from the fifth grade), run her that money because she don’t play.

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