It's About Darn Time Leonardo DiCaprio Wins an Oscar, and These Memes Prove It

*Searching for the Oscar.* *Nowhere to be found.*

With four nominations and no wins, Leonardo DiCaprio and his fans are itching for him to snag an Academy Award. It's not like the Thespian hasn't proven himself. From the arrogant, money-hungry Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) to the lovable Jack in Titanic (1997), Leo's range is wide...and he nails it nearly every time.

But still no gold statue. It's a travesty really, and the Internet has definitely noticed. In protest, memes have popped up all over the Web illustrating Leo's misfortune. They're hysterical but also highlight this important fact: It's time to give this dude some Academy love. With good buzz for his role in The Revenant (due out Dec. 25), could this be his year? Who knows. But, until then, these 11 memes will keep the dream alive.

Squidward feels your pain, Leo.

If only...

It's cool, guys. I had plans, anyway.

He already has its place and everything!

11-year-old Lindsay Lohan spilling the tea over here.

Summer Fridays don't apply to him...yet


*Searching for the Oscar.* *Nowhere to be found.*

Not fetch.

Patrick gets it.

If all else fails, Leo, I'll snuggle with you. <3