Lyrica Anderson Thought She Was "Dying" Shortly After Giving Birth to Baby Bentley

"After the birth was when it got a little traumatic....I started going into some sort of convulsions."

A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson are overjoyed now that they've finally welcomed Ocean Zion Bentley, but the new mom reveals that her health was touch-and-go shortly after giving birth.

Over the weekend, the couple was blessed to finally meet their precious baby boy, however in an exclusive interview with TMZ, Lyrica explains that the stress of her pregnancy coupled with some health complications almost ended her life. Live from the hospital bed, rocking sunglasses (no advil), Lyrica begins:

Well, first of all it was a tough pregnancy. Not the symptoms, well the symptoms a little bit but it was just a lot of emotional things going on and I just kept worrying that I didn't want to have an accidental or early birth or go into labor from stress or anything like that...

That stress probably being the issues we've seen the couple face during season five of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. "Praise God," she made it through her full term and upon seeing her beautiful boy's face she thought she was in the clear.

After the birth was when it got a little traumatic. I ran a super high fever out of nowhere. I started going into some sort of convulsions. I couldn't stop shaking for 7 hours straight, just shaking, shaking, shaking with a fever. Then, I couldn't stop itching. They literally had to bring toothbrushes in my room to let me scratch my skin so that I wouldn't pierce my skin and it was the scariest thing because I was itching and shaking and I literally thought that I was dying. I was so scared, like why was I shaking so much?

Lyrica continues her distressing account postpartum saying that the doctor's felt this was one of the worst reactions they've ever seen. "They were constantly checking my vitals because I have really bad chest pain and I was like I want to make sure I'm not having a heart attack," and after being on close watch, Lyrica is feeling a bit better now and is assured she will back to her complete self soon.

As for A1, the man is strong but Lyrica recalls, "When I was shaking and itching like that, I can tell it scared him. He walked out of the room for a second and he doesn't do that. I can tell that he needed a moment 'cause to see me looking like Smokey from Friday. It was just the weirdest..." But now, with the help of A1 she is recovering and will be just fine.

Our prayers go out to the Bentley family. Thankfully the itching and shaking wasn't as bad as Smokey's.