Bow Wow is Beefing With These Two Love & Hip Hop Ladies For Very Different (and Shady!) Reasons

Well, that escalated quickly!

Shad Moss a.k.a. Bow Wow had a rather eventful weekend…at least on social media.

The controversial rapper turned reality star found himself tangled up in some mess while perusing through The Shade Room comments (isn’t that always where the drama pops off?) It all started when Bow posed a question on Instagram about why “bad b*tches” entertain broke men.

Not before long, Bow’s ex-fiance and Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena popped up voicing some thoughts of regret for ever dealing with him. “Can y’all forget I ever dealt with him please,” she commented under the video. Of course, Bow didn’t take too kindly to the insult and implied she that his ex had a promiscuous past. From there, it was an all out shade fest that we enjoyed from beginning to end.

Things took a shady turn when Bow threatened to leak a mysterious tape starring his ex. Mena swiftly let him know that she has famous attorney Lisa Bloom on standby and will be quick to “ruin him” if any private content makes it to the web.

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But chile…the drama didn’t stop there. Erica and Bow Wow fed the people some piping hot tea about their breakup. Unsurprisingly, these two have very different versions of why they broke up. Erica says she left the Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta star after he attempted suicide in their home while her son was present. Meanwhile, he claims he sent Erica packing in a U-Haul in the midst of her alleged drug problem. What’s clear in all of this is that none of this is truly our business.

And in case you thought he was finished…Bow Wow had even more thumb thuggin’ to do.

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