Monica Brown Defends Her Friendship With Veronica Vega: “I Don’t Judge People Off TV”

Is Monica a solid friend for defending Veronica Vega in the midst of controversy?

If you weren’t aware, singer Monica and Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Veronica Vega have been rocking for a while now. Veronica is signed to Monica’s cousin, super-producer Polow Da Don. Through that connection they’ve formed a bond.

The two ladies were recently hanging out in Miami while Monica was in town co-headlining a show with Tank. Monica shared a glimpse of herself and Vega posted up on the beach, and many of her followers weren’t pleased because they vividly remember Vega defending her right to say the N-word despite being a white Latina.

“She’s a no for me…enjoy luv,” wrote one follower. Another user commented that while she loves Monica, she’s disappointed that she chose to remain friendly with the controversial singer/reality star. “Mo u know I lovesss you down nd ya love for people is limitless but no ma’am this not it.” Monica let it be known that not only is she unaware of the controversy surrounding her friend…she doesn’t care to find out. “I haven’t a clue what you’re even talking about and I’m not asking! I don’t judge people off tv and not even music. I take what they show ME in real life.”

In fact, Veronica’s feelings about Monica are mutual. Back in January, Veronica posted a photo from Monica’s son Romelo’s birthday party. In the caption, she calls Mo a hero.

Do you think Monica is right to stand by her friend against her doubters, or was she better off not responding?

In case you missed it, Veronica defends her right to use the N word, and Juju offers a different perspective.

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