Yandy Stops By The Breakfast Club to Reveal That Mendeecees Will Be Home Sooner Than We Thought

"It's a drop in the bucket to a lifetime you have to spend together."

For the past few years, Yandy Smith-Harris has been busy as an entrepreneur and mother. It hasn’t been easy holding down the fort alone while her husband Mendeecees Harris serves his prison sentence. But her one-woman show isn’t going to last much longer because, according to a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Mendeecees will be home very soon.

Despite reports that his request for reduced time was denied by the judge, Yandy claims he’ll be a free man in 2019.

“He’ll be home next year. Collectively [he’s been away] almost five years…It’s a drop in the bucket to a lifetime you have to spend together.”

Yandy also got emotional when discussing her foster daughter Infinity. Back in August, the reality star revealed that she’d started the process of legally adopting her. While the process hasn’t yet been finalized, Yandy reveals that she was deeply hurt by online trolls claiming she was only taking Infinity in to gain clout. At one point, she even breaks down in tears over the vicious comments.


“That hurts me to my core [when people said this was a publicity stunt.] My children are babies. You think I’m gonna put them in danger because I want a publicity stunt? This isn’t something that stops when the cameras stop. At 5am, I take her to school. I have ACS [Administration for Children’s Services] on my back. Just thinking about it makes me emotional [sobs]. She has to see these comments, and I never want her to feel like I’m doing this because of a storyline.”

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