This Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Couple Went and Had a Whole Baby in Secret

Talk about a Mother's Day surprise!

Hold on to your morning cup of coffee and buckle in because, boy, have I got some Love & Hip Hop Hollywood related news for you!

They may have had their share of surprises and set backs on the show, but this is the biggest surprise from Marcus Black and Brooke Valentine yet! Yes, bigger than the time Brooke tried to surprised Marcus with a whole damn wedding.

Yesterday, like any good boyfriend would, Marcus took to Instagram to give a Mother’s Day shout out to Brooke. The first photo he posted was of Brooke and her son, London.

But then he posted another photo of him with Brooke that looks totally harmless at first glance. That is, until you realize there’s a baby stroller in the photo!

In the caption, Marcus spilled the beans: “What do you get a woman who only wants privacy and Chick-Fil-A 😂??? I went back and forth all day on whether or not I was gon post this but I mean… it’s Mother’s Day babe. I just can’t let the day end without publicly thanking you for our princess, I thank God for you and I’m excited about this new journey. Through all the ups and downs, high risk appointments, hospital stays and life’s uncertainties you stayed solid. You’ve always been ten toes down. I never had to question where you stood in my life. My plan is to multiply your investment in my purpose. I love you without conditions my n—a… Happy Mother’s Day 🏴”

I’m sorry…WHAT?!

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