Drew Elliott Sits Down With The Contestant Who Chose to Leave the Competition in This 'America's Next Top Model' Exit Interview

"I just needed to be at home with the people that care about me."

America's Next Top Model isn't all fun and photo shoots. Week after week girls are sent home by Tyra Banks and the judges, no longer in the running. We're used to hearing TyTy's soothing voice saying, "I have one photo in my hands..." But this week, one of the women decided to remove herself from the competition.

Drew Elliott caught up with her in this week's After the Runway exit interview.

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Brendi K struggled with her emotions and how hard she was on herself from the start of the competition. In a dramatic turn of events at the judges panel, she decided to remove herself from the competition, explaining that she needed to take care of her own mental health. "I don't regret it, but it was definitely a decision that was heavy on my heart." Watch the dramatic moment here:

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When asked about her experience living in the house with the other women, Brendi K explains that her "honest" attitude could lead her into trouble. Women like Christina and Liz often considered her aggressive when she was "just being honest with them about something." She did reveal that she has since apologized to both of the girls from "coming off a little strong." Growth.

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