Are Nikko and Margeaux, and Her Girlfriend, Joining Marriage Boot Camp as a "Throuple"?

And a Mob wife is in the house too!?

We thought maybe we saw the last of Nikko Smith Nikko London but it looks like he may be making a return to reality TV, after all.

Mimi Faust's infamous ex, and adult film co-star, looks like he may be joining the sixth season of WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with his estranged wife Margeaux Simms and her model girlfriend Merika Palmiste.

A trailer for the latest season of the reality soap opera teases that a mysterious "throuple" will be joining the show, but they don't name any names. A woman, who doesn't sound like Margeaux, is heard asking, "Why can't I have a husband and a wife?!" The good people over at the Love & Hip Hop Tea Instagram page did some serious sleuthing and freeze framing, and I mean, it looks to for sure be Nikko and co.

I mean, whatever works for y'all. This is particularly shocking though since Margeaux seemed to want to distance herself from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and reality TV as her one season (season three) came to an end. In a recent interview with VH1 about her music, the artist said of her relationship with Nikko, "Nikko and I are cool like, we’re friendly. I don’t have any ill will towards him. He’s a good person and I feel like he’ll always be a friend to me." VH1's Liz Black pressed Margeaux about their impending divorce and Margeaux played coy, "Well, that’s kinda complicated but...Nikko and I are friends and we’ve both moved on. Those things take a little bit longer than I’d like to finish. But he’s my good friend and we both moved on with other people." K, but what does that mean?

But there's also more! Nikko-Mareaux-Merika won't be the only VH1 celebs featured on the new season. Mob Wives' Karen Gravano is also joining Marriage Boot Camp with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Storm. In the teaser for the upcoming season Karen says, "I'd cut Storm's d--k off, if I found out he was cheating on me."

[VH1 writer takes deep breath] It'll be so good to have Karen Gravano back on TV. [He giggles, excited.]

Will you tune into this reality buffet for more Nikko and Margeaux, with a ramekin of Merika? Will you stay for some Lorena Bobbitt-threats from Karen Gravano for sweet, sweet dessert? Sound off guys, because I'm feeling a lot of things.

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