Tool Cover "No Quarter" On Halloween, Complete With Led Zeppelin Costumes

It's the first time they've performed the Led Zep classic in 17 years.

Tool performed their solitary tour date of 2015 at Tempe, Arizona's Monster Mash festival on Saturday— which just happened to be Halloween. So members of the on-again-off-again band got into the holiday spirit by dressing up as perennial rock idols, Led Zeppelin.

Not only did lead singer Maynard James Keenan don his best early-'70s Robert Plant look, but the similarly-attired band performed a killer rendition of the Houses of the Holy track, "No Quarter." Formerly a mainstay of their set, Tool haven't given the song a live airing since 1998.

The gig marked the first time full band lineup has performed together since March 2014. There's nothing else on their agenda at the moment, but hopefully that will change.