These Celebrity Impressions Done by Other Celebrities Are Hilarious and Wonderful

Ariana Grande's Jennifer Lawrence is pure gold.

Everyone can do a good celebrity impression--including, well, celebrities themselves. Peruse the Internet for five minutes, and you'll come across this meta phenomenon: A-listers mocking their own kind. It's wonderful, hilarious and sometimes shady.

From Ariana Grande's spot-on Jennifer Lawrence bit to Josh Brolin's interesting interpretation of Kim Kardashian, these 10 celebrity-on-celebrity impressions will leave your head spinning. And your jaw on the floor.

Ariana Grande as Jennifer Lawrence

Turns out, Grande can do more than just a killer Celine Dion impression. She nails Lawrence during this Saturday Night Live appearance, down to the Oscar winner's throaty voice and penchant for snacking. We're in a trance.

Jimmy Fallon as Morgan Freeman

Fallon upstaged his guest Tina Fey during this game of "First Impressions." Who knew the squeaky-voiced JimJim could capture Freeman's booming pipes so well? Give this man an Oscar.

Josh Brolin as Kim Kardashian

Alright, this one isn't that great, but it is damn funny. Brolin sticks a tissue box on his butt and pretends it's Kardashian's signature cakes. What more can you want?

Robert De Niro as Jimmy Fallon

Everyone and their mother does a De Niro impression. However, De Niro flipped the switch on The Tonight Show and mimicked Fallon. It's perfect and true AF, down to the mumbling--yes, mumbling.

Nicole Scherzinger as Britney Spears

Listen, recreating Spears' signature nasal isn't easy.

Christina Aguilera as Miley Cyrus

X-Tina suppressed her multi-octave range and delivered pure twerking, Cyrus realness--southern drawl and all. Does this mean a duet is in the pipeline? *Prays to Madonna.*

Kevin Spacey as Al Pacino

Spacey does several impersonations in this clip, but his most magical one might be his Al Pacino. We had high expectations for Spacey, and he exceeded them. Slaying those long vowels sounds is no picnic.

Celine Dion as Cher

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Bradley Cooper as Owen Wilson

Close your eyes, and you'll think you are listening to Wilson IRL. If this isn't dark magic, then what is, really?

JoJo as Drake, Fetty Wap, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears and Whitney Houston

Mic drop. We're going home now.


Michael Caine as himself

It doesn't get more meta than this.