Madonna Throws Shade at Drake: "I Kissed a Girl And I Liked It"

Shots fired!

Madonna's impromptu make out session with Drake at Coachella didn't go according to plan. She locks lips with him, he gags, Internet goes crazy about it. Drake defended the kiss by stating that her lipstick is what made him react negatively, not that a 56 year-old woman is tonguing him down. He liked it actually.

The uproar seems to have fazed Madge, who got her sweet revenge in a new Q&A for Live with Romeo's: Saturday Night Online. In the nearly 20-minute video, in which she answers questions submitted by fans, Madonna says of Drake, "I kissed a girl ... and I liked it!" Later, when asked what advice she'd give her younger self, she can't resist adding, "Don't kiss Drake, no matter how many times he begs you to."

Ouch! We can't wait to see how Drake tackles this issue on Views From the 6.