Ariana Grande Gets A Phone Thrown at Her On Stage + Handles it Like a Pro

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... an iPhone?

Someone really doesn't like their iPhone because they decide to quarterback it right at Ariana Grande's head during her iHeartRadio Concert. Luckily, he missed, but it did grab the pop star attention while sitting down for a Q&A.

"Did someone throw a phone at me?" she asked. "Did someone just throw a phone on stage? That's so dangerous. What if your screen cracked?"

The phone was found on the stage and retrieved.

"Whose is this? Is this yours" Grande asked the crowd, holding the device. "Be careful. Take your phone back." Instead of getting worked up, she hands the phone back to the culprit and moves on with the show like nothing happened. Smart move, Ariana. Watch the incident happen below.