These Teens Crushed It at Prom By Showing Up With a Celebrity Date

Talk about a teenage dream!

All we had at my senior prom was a few punch bowls, a corny DJ, photo booths and certainly nobody famous...but clearly proms today have evolved since then.

Everything from the proposals to the dresses to the dates are getting harder and harder to top at high school proms from coast to coast. Teens are getting craftier with their proposals and even orchestrate full on campaigns to get their favorite singers/actress/athletes on their arm as dates. And you know what? Sometimes it works!

Celebs like Drake, Kylie Jenner and Evelyn Lozada were all contacted on social media by their fans, who were shocked to find out that they'd actually say yes. Others like Katy Perry and Justin Beiber totally DGAF and showed up unannounced but, to no surprise, turned the party upside down. So what did they wear? How were they ask? Were there actual corsages involved? Take a scroll through and click the icon to reveal these celeb dates and their prom looks.

Check out this throwback clip of Pete Wentz, Zachary Quinto, Zac Efron and more talk about their prom night dates and what they wore.