Barry Manilow Comes Out as Gay, and Twitter is Just Happy He's Not Dead

"We already knew, Barry."

Barry Manilow is trending on Twitter, but don't worry folks, he is alive and well.

Earlier today, pop icon Barry Manilow, 73, confirmed via PEOPLE magazine that he is indeed a happily gay, and very married man. According to Barry, he's been with his manager husband, Garry Kief, for nearly four whole decades, but chose to keep the romance private out of fear of disappointing his fans:

“I thought I would be disappointing them if they knew I was gay. So I never did anything."

The only thing is, the fanilows already knew about Mr. Manilow:

Almost makes you think if Barry's decision to lay low about his lover of 39 years was worth the headache. Then again, timing is everything, and as one fan put it:

These are the times, indeed!

Homosexuality has been a stigma in Hollywood for years. Check out this discussion on Hip Hop and homosexuality below: